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Jennifer Lynn Thompson Memorial Foundation

The Jennifer Lynn Thompson Memorial Foundation is committed to provide funding to accelerate research for specific brain tumors and brain cancer research with emphasis toward Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). Our primary focus is to support the INOVA Health System, a non-profit health organization and the extensive research for Dr. Allen Waziri who's dedicated to developing new therapeutic strategies for patients with glioblastoma, for whom there are currently very few clinical options.


Mission Statement

Supporting the Inova Health Foundation

The Jennifer Lynn Thompson Memorial Foundation is a 501(c3) Non Profit Public Charity dedicated to provide funding for specific brain tumor and cancer research & awareness, with emphasis toward Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). Additional objective is to provide support, information resource, and hope to families, caregivers, as well patients faced with these most difficult of conditions.

The Jennifer Thompson Memorial Foundation supports strategic research initiatives aimed at finding new therapies for GBM and other brain cancers, vital public policy and advocacy programs fighting for better treatments and quality of life for those affected.

WHY DONATE: More than 3 Million Americans live with Brain Cancer, along with 700,000 that suffer from a terminal diagnosis of Brain Tumors. Our foundation is committed to fighting side-by-side with the “Warriors in Grey” to provide the funding needed for this very unfunded cancer research that will ultimately affect someone we love in our family, friends, colleagues or could be part of your own journey.

What you will find on this website


As new GBM and Brain Cancer research is made available we will provide updates to patients, families and care givers with newly updated information on clinical trials, advanced research initiatives and care giving tips for our loved ones.


We work diligently to provide support venues to “care givers” that are providing both emotional and psychological support to loved ones battling brain cancer and brain tumors that is paramount to maintaining a healthy and strong path to survivability and recovery during challenging and stressful times.


Our foundation is grateful for our family of volunteers that have provided support to increase public awareness of our foundation, event support through selfless giving which is the foundation of the Jennifer Lynn Thompson Memorial Foundation.


In loving memory of our daughter Jennifer Lynn Thompson born on April 30, 1976 and lost her battle to Brain Cancer (GBM) on May 14, 2014. In her short life, she touched the souls of many and taught us the meaning of selfness acts of kindness and love. In her words, 'putting others' needs before our own is God's message to all of us for everlasting peace”. Also, to every cancer patient, family member and friend who has lost the battle with cancer and the ones that continue to conquer it!

Jennifer's Journey

Every family has always heard it stated that losing a child is the most devastating heartbreak that any parent could ever fathom and the new norm is learning to live with the greatest loss ever imagined.

As Jennifer's father, I watched a part of my wife die the day Jennifer took her last breath and know the strongest person in the world is a grieving mother that wakes up and keeps going every morning. Maggie has found solace in that she was there for the most important events in hers and Jennifer's life; her first breath and her last.

Jennifer Lynn Thompson

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